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Up, Up, and Away


UP, UP AND AWAY is a mixed media installation that was created for Pakistan at 100; an exhibition held at the World Bank’s campus in Islamabad. Keeping in mind the World Bank’s aspirational motivations for the Country when it is a century old, the installation embodies increased social inclusion and cohesion in Pakistan. The individual feathers woven together symbolize individual people and/or groups in the country, working, living and functioning in harmony. The installation celebrates the idea of a discrimination-free Pakistan – be that discrimination gender-based, ethnic and/or religious.


A significant aspect of the project was community engagement, fostered through the manner in which the feathers were collected: along with putting out an open call, for weeks I visited different bazaars, and aviaries in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, requesting that feathers be saved and collected for me. This paved the way for meaningful conversations about art and the concept behind my installation. It also meant that ranging from store owners to friends of friends - people I didn’t know - were soon collecting and saving many of the feathers that made up the artwork. 


Assorted feathers on aluminum wire mesh

4ft X 2ft-6in


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